Homebuilders need an HVAC contractor they can trust and can count on as a valued member of their team. They need an experienced, licensed company that can install units from all manufacturers and models, from the most basic air conditioners to highly sophisticated gas furnaces.

Andy Lewis has developed a reputation for technical expertise as well as trust and integrity, making us a premier HVAC installer for contractors throughout the Charlotte area. In addition, we are Energy Star certified so we can install the most energy-efficient heating and cooling products on the market. We can also perform a duct test on your installation to assure the ductwork does not leak, which saves the homeowners money for the life of the system.

Our New Construction HVAC Services

At Andy Lewis, we understand what is important to builders when it comes to new construction installation:

  • Inspection. You need an HVAC installation that will be sure to pass the building inspection. We have the experience necessary to properly install new HVAC systems of all manufacturers. Our production supervisors walk each house to ensure the quality of work. Andy Lewis technicians are certified and receive ongoing training to keep up to date with the latest heating and cooling technology. We guarantee our work will be up to code.
  • Closing date. Andy Lewis can work well even on a tight deadline. We know that the installation must be completed well before the closing date, and we manage our time to be sure the job is finished accurately and with time to spare. And if you need a last-minute install, we can also complete a rush installation if necessary.
  • Warranty. We know that a warranty is important to homebuyers. They need to know their product is covered by the manufacturer warranty for a reasonable period of time. We are sure to provide all necessary warranty paperwork. If the homeowner is interested in an extended warranty, they can contact us within 30 days of closing to register for a 10-year extended parts warranty. The homeowner can also contact us to learn about our extended labor warranty, as well as Andy Lewis’s bi-annual maintenance plan. Regular maintenance keeps a heating and cooling unit running efficiently and reduces the risk of system failure. Maintenance by a licensed HVAC contractor is necessary for a warranty to be valid.

Charlotte’s Leading HVAC Contractors

Contractors in the area need to know that their HVAC installations will be done on time and that they’ll pass inspection. What’s more, they need installers who are able to meet with homeowners to walk them through the details of their warranty and to assist with any ongoing maintenance needs.

Andy Lewis can provide all that and more, which is why we’re a premier new construction HVAC company in Charlotte and the surrounding area. Reach out to us today to learn more about our services!