When cold winter temperatures set in, you need to have a working home heating system. Whether you have a furnace or a heat pump, Andy Lewis Heating and Air Conditioning can repair or replace it as needed, helping you keep your home safe and comfortable no matter how inclement the weather.

We’re available to address your home heating needs 24/7, and we understand that, when your heating unit’s out, that qualifies as a real emergency. That’s why we strive to treat every client the way we’d want to be treated: We arrive when we say we will, we diagnose the problem promptly, and we recommend the best, most cost-effective solution for getting your home warm and toasty once more!

Understanding Your Home Heating Problems

If you do have a problem with your heat, the first thing you should do is check your thermostat. Make sure it’s on the heat setting and that the desired temperature is set higher than the current temperature in the room. Next, check your filters for excess dust and dirt. If your heat still isn’t running, check the circuit breakers. If the breaker for your furnace is tripped, flip it back and see if your heat comes back on. This may fix your problem, but a tripped circuit breaker can indicate a more serious electrical failing, and our team will come to help diagnose it and prevent that problem from happening again.

Preventative Maintenance for Your Home Heating System

Of course, the best way to fix home heating problems is to avoid them altogether. That’s where preventative maintenance comes into play. One of the most responsible things you can do in regard to your furnace is to schedule bi-yearly maintenance. The best time for the heat maintenance is late summer or early fall, before the weather gets cold. This home heating service typically includes an inspection, component testing and cleaning of your heating system as well as recommendations for any additional work that might be needed. A well-tuned furnace heats more efficiently and breaks down less often; plus, it can help you save on your winter utility costs.

Bi-yearly heating system maintenance not only keeps your heat running smoothly, it ensures your safety and the safety of your family. Furnaces burn gas, propane, or oil to create the heat that warms your home. When these gases burn, carbon monoxide is created. A furnace that is properly functioning will produce less carbon monoxide and vent it outside of your home. But if your furnace is dirty or not working properly, too much carbon monoxide is made and it may not vent outside like it should. Carbon monoxide gas is incredibly dangerous, causing headaches, breathing problems, and in severe cases it can cause brain damage or even death.

The best plan to protect your family is to keep your furnace maintained and have us install a carbon monoxide detector in your home. A carbon monoxide detector will alert you if the level of carbon monoxide in your home gets to a dangerous level. Meanwhile, preventative maintenance minimizes the odds of any dysfunction with your home heating unit.

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Learn More About Home Heating Repair in Charlotte, NC

In the midst of any home heating breakdown, Andy Lewis is here for you! We offer emergency after-hours service at NO extra charge for nights and weekends. It is our goal to educate you on the different options available and provide information about maintenance, tune-ups, repairs, replacements, and indoor air quality solutions, all within the budget you set! And, we always treat you the way we’d treat our own family members—making honest recommendations to keep you safe and warm, and to help you save money.

We encourage you to learn more about our home heating services. Contact Andy Lewis in Charlotte, North Carolina today!