It’s not hard to understand why more and more homes come equipped with gas furnaces. A gas furnace provides reliable heating for your home, helping you and your family stay cozy and warm all winter long. And, gas furnaces have never been safer than they are today. What’s more, today’s gas furnaces are significantly more efficient than the ones of yesteryear.

As such, a lot of homeowners actually choose to replace their gas furnaces, opting for energy-efficient, money-saving upgrades. But whether you’re replacing because you want an upgrade or because your old furnace has broken down, it’s important to seek the proper expertise.

Andy Lewis HVAC is Charlotte’s go-to in furnace replacement, and we invite you to contact us with any and all gas furnace needs.

Our Gas Furnace Services

Any problem with your heating—whether small or large—warrants a check-up. The sooner you get the issue resolved, the sooner you can get your house fully heated once again. When you call Andy Lewis, our team will show up promptly and quickly begin our diagnostic work. When the unit can be repaired, we’ll get right on it; when it needs to be replaced, we’ll walk you through your options and help you pick an effective and affordable new unit.

There are a lot of gas furnace options to choose from, and our job is to help you find the one that’s the best fit for you and your family. We never try to sell our customers on things they don’t need, so when you call The Andyman Team, you can rest assured that you’re getting friendly, expert advice—never a hard sell.

Finding out what rebates you qualify for and how to apply for them can be time-consuming and confusing. The Andyman Team is here to make the rebate process as simple as possible. We will help you determine what rebates your new system qualifies for, plus we complete the rebate process for you!

The Andyman

Maintaining Your Furnace

Something else that we’re passionate about is helping homeowners extend the life of their gas furnaces—and the best way to do that is through routine maintenance. We’re proud to offer a preventative maintenance plan in which we send a technician out twice a year to inspect and clean all your HVAC equipment and to make adjustments or repairs as needed. That way, you can spot and address potential issues before you have the need for a full-fledged furnace replacement.

Andy Lewis provides a full range of HVAC services to Charlotte and beyond—and we’re happy to help with any and all of your gas furnace needs. To learn more about our furnace repair, replacement, and maintenance options, just contact The Andyman Team today!