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Andy Lewis Heating & Air Conditioning's Employee Spotlight Series

At Andy Lewis Heating & Air Conditioning we pride ourselves in treating our customers like family and we can only accomplish this because of our wonderful employees. Due to their dedication to our customers, the Andyman thought he would pick one employee a month to highlight and share with you, our valued customers! During the Andy Lewis employee spotlight series, you will get a glimpse into the lives of the talented individuals that create the Andyman Team. You will get to hear from them, in their own words: What makes them tick? Why do they come to work each day? And what do they look forward to doing when they leave the office? To start the series, we talked to one of our Customer Care Representatives, Jennifer Glover.

As a Customer Care Representative at Andy Lewis Heating & Air, Jennifer’s main focus is our customers and ensuring that their concerns are heard and addressed in a timely manner. She has been a part of the Andyman Team for close to five years now, and is a cherished asset to our growing service department.

“Jennifer has an amazing talent for listening to our customers, asking the right questions to better understand what is going on with their HVAC system and matching them up with the best technician to fix that particular problem” remarked Chance Williams, Service Field Supervisor at Andy Lewis Heating & Air Conditioning, “Although all of our service technicians are very talented, each one brings different strengths to our service team and Jennifer has a gift of matching the right technicians to each service call.”

Chance continues “Jennifer is full of energy, positivity and can-do attitude, which are great attributes to have on the team, especially as the busy spring and summer seasons are about to begin and the whole team will be working very long hours to keep our customers comfortable.”

During this busy time of year at Andy Lewis, another one of Jennifer’s talents is highlighted! And that is her ability to look at the days schedule, move things around to make everyone on the team more efficient and able to accommodate more customers each day.

Outside of work Jennifer loves spending time with her two children and her dog Apollo. She enjoys passing time working on crafts, trying out new recipes and heading to the beach (any beach!) as often as she can! Something most people don’t know about Jennifer, is that she loves writing, when she can find the time.


Get To Know Jennifer!

Recently, Jennifer took some time to answer some fun questions! Here is what she had to say!

Q: What is your favorite thing about working at Andy Lewis? 

The way the company wants to always do right by the customer

Q: Who is one of your heroes?

My Grammy was my hero. She raised four children all alone after her husband passed. She was the strongest, hard working woman I've ever known.

Q: Coffee or Tea?

Coffee of course!

Q: What is your favorite food?

Please don't make me choose just one....I love all food. LOL!

Q: If you could vacation anywhere in the world, where would you go?

Somewhere on a beach in a hut, with a beautiful ocean view, as long as Apollo (her sweet dog) can come too.

Q: If you were in a band, what would the name be?

God's Favorite Sitcom

Q: What is your favorite TV show?

Game of Thrones - I have an internal nerd

Q: What TV show are you embarrassed to admit you like?

Real Housewives...of any city (but don’t tell anyone else!)

Q: List five hashtags that describe your personality. 

#crazy #doglover #behappylivefree #quicktalker #laughthroughlife

Q: If you were a superhero, what would your superhero power be?

Hmm, I would say to fly or to be anywhere with the snap of a finger (because I'm kinda impatient!)

Andy Lewis Heating & Air Is Here For You!

We hope you enjoyed learning a little more about Jennifer this month. You can also meet some of our other team members on our team page. Be sure to check back next month to see who will show up next in the spotlight! In the mean time, remember, Andy Lewis Heating & Air is available 24/7 for your heating and cooling needs. Contact us today to learn how we can help your family stay comfortable all year long!