8 Common Heating System Questions Answered

8 Common Heating System Questions Answered

Why does my heat pump make a noise when it is cold outside?

This is completely normal. When your heat pump gets ice on the outside unit the system automatically goes into a defrost mode to thaw. This action is completely normal and causes a noise to occur, however your heat will still function properly during this process.

Thermostat Display Heat Mode

My thermostat is set to 73 degrees, why is the heat not coming on?

First you will want to check your thermostat and confirm that the system is in heat mode. If your system is in heat mode and your heat is still not satisfy to your set temperature call my team at Andy Lewis Heating and Air Conditioning, they will get your system back up and running in no time!

Where are my filters located? 

Your filters are going to be in one of two locations. In the media filter box attached to the furnace or in each one of your return air grills. Although many systems will only have one media filter box there are some systems that require two. If you find your system has the media filter box attached, take a look around your whole furnace to determine how many filter boxes your system has. Also remember that you should always check your filters monthly to see if they need to be replaced.

Filter Box  Filter Box 

How do I know what size filters I need?

Once you remove your current filter you will find the size printed on one of the filter sides. To ensure that your HVAC system runs properly you need to make sure you are replacing your filter with the correct size.

Filter 1 Filter 2

My heat seems to be working but I still feel cool air blowing from my vents. Should I be concerned? 

If you have an energy efficient home this is nothing to be concerned about and is normal for your system. All HVAC systems installed in energy efficient houses are required to have a fresh air intake installed to continually bring fresh air into your home to recycle your indoor air. Without the fresh air intake, the indoor air quality in these homes could become unhealthy.

Blank Thermostat

Why is my thermostat blank?

There are a number of reasons why your thermostat could be blank and there are two simple things you can check yourself. 

  1. Batteries: Check the batteries in your thermostat. Although some systems have hard wired thermostats many do not and require batteries to operate. It might simply be time to change those batteries.
  2. Breakers: Check your breakers, occasional circuit breaker trips are possible and you could need to flip your breaker back on. If you find this to be your issue and the breaker keeps tripping, you might have a more serious problem and for safety reasons you will want to have your whole system checked out.

If your batteries and breakers are good then the system has an internal problem and you will need to have an HVAC Service Technician diagnose your system to determine what repairs are needed. 

Why is steam coming from my heat pump?

Your heat pump has two units and one of them is located outside. When it is cold out ice can form on the outside unit causing the system to go into defrost mode. This process is entirely normal and is your systems way of fixing itself by thawing out the unit. While in defrost mode, your system will continue to heat your house and will automatically switch back to regular mode once the defrost is complete. Since this whole process takes place while it is cold outside, you could see stream coming from your outside unit while it is heating up to defrost itself.

How many times should I have my HVAC system cleaned and/or checked?

Regular maintenance is very important for your HVAC system as it is a complex machine and like any machine with moving parts, routine maintenance is necessary to keep it running efficiently. We recommend getting your system cleaned twice a year to keep your system running at peak performance. It is always best to get your air conditioning chemically cleaned and checked during the spring and then have the furnace checked in the fall, about 6 months later. Another important fact to consider is that most manufactures will actually void the warranty if the unit hasn’t had regular maintenance. 

Before Maintenance and After Maintenance for AC

If you are having any problems with your furnace or heat pump contact Andy Lewis Heating & Air Conditioning today. Whether you are looking for information about maintenance, tune-ups, repairs or replacements we strive to educate you on the different options available and take the time to answer all your questions. The Andy Lewis Team is here for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to keep you and your family safe and comfortable all year long.