Should I Switch to a Ductless Heating System in Charlotte, NC?

Should I Switch to a Ductless Heating System in Charlotte, NC?

You may have heard words like “ductless HVAC” or “mini-split” floating around recently. So what is a ductless heating system, and is it right for your home this winter? Read on for the Andyman’s thoughts on mini-splits.

Ductless HVAC zoning from Andy Lewis

Unlike central HVAC, ductless heating systems are made up of multiple units in various areas of the home. This configuration allows for zoning capabilities that can significantly increase your heating system’s efficiency. With HVAC zoning, you can choose to only heat occupied rooms, cutting down on wasted energy in unused spaces. As a result, you’ll save money while increasing your comfort.

Mini-splits eliminate ductwork cleaning

Traditional HVAC systems have ducts that are prone to collect dust, debris, and can even grow mold and mildew. This can lead to extensive cleaning and constant repairs. Mini-splits don’t have this problem. There’s no ductwork to clean or maintain, just efficient heating all winter long.

Ductless heating system: Ideal for older homes in Charlotte, NC

The absence of ductwork becomes a major advantage when adding HVAC to a pre-existing home. During new construction, installing ductwork in an open structure is no problem at all. In older or historic homes, however, retrofitting ductwork behind the walls is often difficult, if not impossible. That’s where the mini-split comes in. These convenient little units are simply placed near the ceiling on the wall of a room. Then, a small hole is drilled to the outside of the home for the fuel supply, and voila! A fully functional ductless heating system with virtually no mess and without thousands of dollars spent on a hopeless renovation project. For an old home, or even just a finished room, ductless HVAC systems are the easy choice.

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