Ideal Home Humidity Levels With a Humidifier

Ideal Home Humidity Levels With a Humidifier in Charlotte, NC

Along with cold temperatures, winter brings dry air to the Charlotte, NC, area. Therefore, it’s important to maintain ideal humidity levels in your home throughout the winter season. Here are the Andyman’s top 3 reasons why you should invest in a humidifier this winter.

Low humidity can damage the home

The lack of humidity in the air can have damaging effects on your home. Dry air can cause wood elements like floor boards, doorframes and crown molding to separate and crack. Painted surfaces are likely to experience cracking and chipping. In addition, static electricity can ruin electronics, or at the very least cause you pain when you reach for the doorknob. A whole-house humidifier from Andy Lewis will maintain ideal humidity levels and keep your home free of damage this winter.

Humidifiers promote good health

Dry air is not only a problem for the objects in your home. A lack of moisture can have negative effects on your health as well. Low humidity can result in sore throats, an increase in asthma symptoms, and a rise in colds. An ideal humidity level of roughly 40-50% will foster good health for you and your family all winter long.

Humidifier energy savings

Dry air that holds little moisture actually feels colder to us, so naturally we turn up the heat. Just turning up the thermostat a few degrees can cause your energy bills to increase considerably, especially during the cold of winter. On the other hand, humidifiers make the air in your home feel warmer, allowing you to turn down the heat a few degrees without sacrificing any comfort. This is an energy-efficient way to increase comfort and save on monthly heating bills in the Charlotte area.

A humidifier from Andy Lewis will provide you the best in comfort and efficiency this winter in Charlotte, NC. Call or click for your humidifier installation today!