Why Does My Furnace Smell Strange

Why Does My Furnace Smell Strange in Charlotte, NC?

When you turn on your heating system this fall, you’ll expect warm, comforting air to circulate through your home. What you may not expect is the arrival of strange, even unpleasant odors. Why does turning on the furnace cause funny smells? And should you be worried? The Andyman has a few pointers for dealing with HVAC-related aromas.

Furnace smells like burning dust in Charlotte, NC

One of the most common smells associated with heating systems is burning dust. Although this can be obnoxious, it’s no cause for alarm. If you think you’re smelling burning dust, you’re not mistaken. During certain periods of the year like early fall, the HVAC system stays turned off as outdoor temperatures are reasonable. When the HVAC system is off, air doesn’t circulate through the ductwork. This allows for dust and debris to settle and collect inside the ducts and on the furnace. Therefore, turning on the furnace for the first time sends heat through the ducts that burns away all that dust. Burning dust is usually the cause of strange smells that only linger for a few hours after turning on the heat. If several hours have passed and the smell persists, clean or change out the furnace filter. If a filter replacement doesn’t make a difference, it’s time to call the professional team of Andy Lewis technicians.

Call Andy Lewis for any other strange furnace smells

While the smell of burning dust is no big issue, other odors could signal more serious overall problems with your HVAC system. If you’ve noticed something smells like burning plastic or metal, don’t assume your nose is deceiving you. Heating equipment that runs too hot can burn or melt electrical wiring or rubber materials on or around the furnace. Do you smell rotten eggs when you turn on the heat? It might be more serious than spoiled food. Natural gas that fuels furnaces is often scented with sulfur, which can resemble rotten eggs.

This is so you can easily identify and detect leaking gas from your furnace and take necessary precautions.

If these unbearable smells last well after you’ve turned on the heat, it’s time to call Andy Lewis Heating & Air Conditioning. Our expert technicians perform thorough maintenance and inspections to ensure that your furnace works safely and efficiently all through the fall and winter. Call us today!