Better Customer Service at Andy Lewis

Better Customer Service at Andy Lewis

At Andy Lewis Heating & Air Conditioning, we pride ourselves in providing the best in HVAC services for Charlotte, NC, area homes. In order to continue to serve our customers at the highest level, we’ve made several major improvements to our operations. Read on to see why now is a better time than ever to call Andy Lewis for your HVAC needs!

The Andy Lewis Team of Expert HVAC Technicians is Growing

Without qualified technicians, we wouldn’t be able to provide the quality service that we’re known for. And since our customer base has grown rapidly, we’ve expanded our service team. We now have a total of 14 HVAC technicians, fully certified in system maintenance, installation and repair. As the team grows, it’s increasingly important to make sure they’re trained to deliver peak performance. Therefore, we’re thrilled to welcome Chance Williams to the Andy Lewis family. Chance is our new Field Supervisor, which means he will conduct extensive in house and on-site training, ensuring that our technicians are kept up to date and proficient in all new cutting edge HVAC technology and equipment. This allows us to continue our mission of providing maximum comfort for your Charlotte home or business.

Better Customer Service at Andy Lewis Heating & Air Conditioning

Technical expertise is not the only thing that sets us apart from our competitors. Our standard of customer service has been one of our defining qualities since our founding, and we’re continuing this tradition by growing our customer service department. We’ve added more Customer Care representatives and upgraded our phone system so that we can more efficiently address any and all customer concerns, all the while maintaining the personal level of attention we’ve been known for. Our Customer Care representatives will now be making “happy calls” to follow up and make sure you’re satisfied and to see how we can continue to improve serving you. In addition, Tyler McRae, our Service Manager, continues to educate customers about what HVAC solutions are best for them and their families, making customer service a focal point of our operations.

The Results Are In

Improved customer service and a growing team of technicians allow us to more effectively achieve our mission of keeping businesses and homes comfortable in Charlotte, NC. Our customer service department has already significantly improved their response time, and our technicians have increased their first-visit fix rate. The result? More satisfied customers, which is our number goal. Call Andy Lewis Heating & Air Conditioning today for the best in HVAC service and solutions.