Less Common Air Conditioning Problems That Need Repairs

Less Common Air Conditioning Problems That Need Repairs

When you get home after a long day of work or the kids come in after playing outside, you expect to be greeted by a cool home. HVAC systems are often overlooked by homeowners until that one hot Summer night when you can’t fall asleep because your home is warm and stuffy. The team here at Andy Lewis Heating & Air Conditioning is all too familiar with these situations and has been diagnosing AC problems in Charlotte for over 20 years! Beyond the obvious problem of warm air coming through the vents, we’ve compiled a few additional air conditioning issues that need addressing so you don’t have to experience an unexpected Summer night without cool air.

Poor Air Circulation and Temperature Control

Sometimes your air conditioner checks out, but the cool air it produces can’t make it all the way to the vents in your home. This is generally caused by obstructed or leaking ductwork that reduces the airflow. Your air conditioner will have to work harder to reach the desired temperature set on the thermostat. By overworking your AC unit with obstructed or leaking ducts, the motors and compressor also have a higher chance of failing which results in an even higher repair bill.

Noises, Smells and Allergens

Just because your home is a comfortable temperature doesn’t mean your AC isn’t causing some problems. Indoor allergies, loud noises and intrusive smells can all be linked back to a poorly performing air conditioner. Rattling screws, wobbling fan blades and loosely fitting ductwork can all cause noises that interfere with our lives. HVAC units vibrate when they are running from the moving parts, leading to a lot of parts getting loose and moving against each other. This happens naturally and will need to be serviced over time or require a parts repair if allowed to continue. The main source of odd smells coming in your home is biological growth- which, beyond creating unpleasant smells, creates health issues for you and your family! Call us and get your home checked immediately if smell coming from your vents is an issue, we will determine the problem and let you know the proper solution from there. Indoor allergens becoming a larger issue could also warrant a repair call as the HVAC system is designed to eliminate these contaminants from your air. If this is not happening and the filters are clean, your air conditioning may have a deeper problem that warrants a professional’s help!

The Andyman

If you can see these symptoms appearing in your home, give Andy Lewis Heating & Air Conditioning a call to get it fixed right! We have been solving these problems for over 20 years in the Charlotte area and now have the expertise to handle any problems we come by. Get your family’s house feeling like home again… Call us today!