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Indoor Air Quality in Charlotte

We all know the dangers of smog and outdoor air pollution. But did you know that indoor air pollution is also a concern? The air in our homes is recycled over and over again when we use heat and air conditioning, which causes a build-up of pollutants. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) ranked indoor air as “a high priority public health risk” as indoor levels of many pollutants are five times higher than outdoor air. So what can we do about it? Start with a healthy home air check from Andy Lewis Heating and Air Conditioning. Andy Lewis performs indoor air checks in Charlotte and the surrounding area for homes and businesses.

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Allergies and Asthma are aggravated by indoor air pollutants

Some of the most minor effects of poor indoor air quality are allergies and asthma. Allergens such as dust, pollen, mold, pet dander, and cigarette smoke can build up in the air and cause heightened allergic reactions. Symptoms such as sneezing, eye irritation, sinus inflammation, and coughing are all signs of allergens in the air. Adults and children who suffer from asthma may have increased attacks due to poor air quality. Other side effects of indoor air pollution are dizziness, headaches, or fatigue. These symptoms sometimes occur immediately after exposure or only after extended periods of time spent in poor air quality. It may be difficult to determine if the symptoms are a result of exposure to air pollutants or not. At first it may seem like a cold or some other illness. If the symptoms get better when away from the poor quality air, then most likely that is the culprit.

Poor air quality has long term effects

Some symptoms of exposure to indoor air pollutants do not show up right away. In some cases it can take months or even years for the effects of poor air quality to appear. The long term effects are lung disease, heart disease, and even cancer. This is why it is important to have your air quality checked now, even if there are no immediate symptoms. The negative effects of indoor air pollution could even be fatal in the future. Don’t take that chance. Have a healthy home air check performed by Andy Lewis as soon as possible.

Improving the air quality in your home will make you and your family healthier

On a smaller scale, poor air quality in your home causes an increase in illness, resulting in more doctor visits and missed work and school. Allergies, colds, sinus infections, and bronchitis are just a few respiratory illnesses that can be caused by or aggravated by breathing unclean air. A simple air quality check and some cleaning and minor improvement to your heating and air conditioning system can make you and your family healthier.

HVAC Maintenance improves air quality

You’ve read all the benefits of regular HVAC maintenance; fewer repairs, a more efficient system, money savings. But a yearly tune-up for your heat and air can significantly improve air quality in your home or place of business. A clean system is the most important factor when it comes to healthy indoor air. A dirty furnace can produce dangerous levels of carbon monoxide. Basic maintenance will improve your indoor air quality, but a thorough air quality check is the safest option.

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