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High temperatures and extremely high humidity levels are normal for spring and summer in Charlotte… This makes it very important to ensure your air conditioning is blowing cold air efficiently, cleaned properly and checked for any errors before those long hot days hit. It’s always more stressful- and expensive- to have to replace parts or repair a unit than it is to simply catch the problems early. That’s why Andy Lewis offers HVAC maintenance services for cooling and an after hours emergency service for those situations when you need us.

Modern Air conditioner close upOne of the main repair calls we receive are for refrigerant leaks. If your HVAC system is low on refrigerant, it will run at a less efficient pace which raises power bills and the inability to keep keep up with hot weather. Eventually, the indoor unit will start to freeze and simply adding refrigerant to the system does NOT fix the problem once it has gone this far. Andy Lewis can provide an AC repair to fix this problem, offer tune-ups to keep it that way, or inform you on whether you should replace a system with such a leak.

This same model applies to all of our repair calls! We want your home to be as comfortable as possible so we provide comprehensive solutions that encompass every part of your needs, whether you require a maintenance tune-up, repair or even an air conditioner replacement from us. It is very important to us to give you options so you can make an informed decision designed to best suit your situation.

Stay COOL with Andy Lewis through the hot and humid Charlotte Summers!

Here are some things to check for if your air conditioning system isn’t blowing cold air, without having to call the professionals:

  • Check your breakers; make sure they are still on. A breaker could flip for many different reasons and is not cause for an ac repair unless it happens multiple times. By flipping the breaker back on, the problem is usually solved right then!
  • Check your filters.  A dirty filter can impede the function of the air conditioner, so be sure to check and clean your filters every month, replacing them when needed. Although filter manufacturers state that filters may last “UP TO” 6-12 months, this may not be the case in your home.  Pets, number of people in the home, and the number of times the doors open a day are all factors in how long your filters last.

Maintenance Agreements For Your Home

Andy Lewis Heating & Air can perform an Air Conditioning Tune-Up in Charlotte, or set you up on an Annual Planned Maintenance Agreement to help ensure that your air condition is functioning properly throughout the year. With the Planned Maintenance Agreement, you will receive an in-depth cleaning, tune up, and safety check, along with even MORE added benefits. For more information about our Planned Maintenance, call us today at (704) 391 9191 or click here to set up an appointment!

The Andyman

Andy Lewis is here for you! We offer emergency after hour service at NO extra charge for nights and weekends. It is our goal to educate you on the different options available and provide information about tune-ups, repairs and replacements, all within the budget you set!

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